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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Downtown - Bastille - Center
About 30 seconds from bus and metros

Metro Ligne 1 « Paris La Défense / Château de Vincennes » This is the central axe going through Bastille – Louvre – Palais-Royal – Champs Elysée – Arc-de-Triomphe.

Metro Ligne 8 « Balard / Créteil Préfecture »

Metro Ligne 5 « Bobigny / Place d’Italie »

Bus 20 / 29 / 65 / 69 / 76 / 86 / 87 / 91


Stay in a luminous and quiet apartment in Paris downtown
As in an hotel, the studio is totally furnished - towels, bed sheets,...

Better than in a hotel, you can enjoy TV and DVD/CD Player

Coffee or tea are easy to prepare and get you up ready for a day full of pleasure and enjoyment
...and a breakfast on a well set table - it is a real pleasure to start it! the end of a day of walks and enjoyments, have you relaxing in a warm bath

...before whatever - visiting the neighbourhood, having a drink outside, watching a good movee at cinema, go to the opera

...and then go to sleep the way, the kitchen is equiped with a fridge, a grill and microwave oven, electrical plates,... It would be welcome if you prefer not going out for diner!

Now please, enter into the apart as your were in there and enjoy it:

Click on this link to get the interactive map of the apart's location and things around:,2.368133&spn=0.007172,0.022659&z=16&lci=lmc:panoramio

For further step, please contact

Studio Adress : 9 Rue Jean Beausire 75004 Paris

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Envie de soleil, de bleu et d'azur garantis?

Envie d'exciter vos sens, respirer les parfums, savourer les odeurs, entendre les cigales chanter?

Envie de toucher les pierres, de les fouler, de comprendre leurs histoires
Envie de la meilleure gastronomie qui soit?...vrai plaisir pour le palet et vue panoramique imprenable

Envie de nager, de vous baigner ?